Lyoness 'Starter Pack' Review

Review - The Lyoness Loyalty Card Starter Pack
By Geoff Morris. Lyoness Member since 2012

The Lyoness Cashback Loyalty Card is totally free to get hold of, and you can start saving money immediately with it. But if you want to share your experiences with more than just a few close friends, and earn what could become a substantial ‘Friendship Bonus’ from potentially hundreds of other Lyoness card-holders that you personally introduce, you really should look at purchasing the Lyoness Starter Kit.

The Lyoness Cashback Loyalty Card is available totally free, so why would you want to consider purchasing the Lyoness Starter Kit, and also probably the Lyoness Business Lounge?

You will already be aware that the average family spends around £450 every month on groceries, fuel, clothes, leisure etc., and that if all of this ‘Already Spent Money’ were to be spent in Lyoness Merchants (such as Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, M&S, B&Q, Argos, Curries PC World - and even Harrods), you could be generating savings from cashbacks and Shopping Points of over £750 per annum.

But even that is only the tip of the ‘Already Spent’ iceberg that strikes every payday!

What about

  •  Petrol or Diesel for your car

  •  Household goods new and replacement (new kitchen perhaps?)

  •  Gifts for Birthdays and Christmas

  •  Hair and Beauty

  •  Opticians

  •  New electrical toys such as laptops ad Smart Phones, new TVs, Games  consoles and so forth.

  •  Car repairs

  •  Gas and electricity - and at the lowest rates.

  •  Holidays and car hire

  •  New bicycle

  •  Weekend breaks

  •  And the list goes on…

So £450 per month as an average ‘Already Spent’ commitment will more than likely be closer to £1,000 per household. Luckily, there are more than enough Lyoness Loyalty Merchants out there already to cater for all of the above categories of spending. You simply have to readjust where you make your purchases, without increasing your spending. Spend some time doing that once, and you will get a tidy amount of cash back in your pocket - so why wouldn’t you want to tell all of your friends? Especially when you know that for every friend you recommend, who get his or her free Lyoness Loyalty Card, and spends the same as you do each year, you will get some £2.70 a year as a thank you. But what if you recommend the Lyoness Loyalty Cards to tens or hundreds or even thousands of friends, look at the potential earnings you would make form the combined spending power of your friends?

Friendship Bonus Levels (where each friend spends the average £470 per month)

  •  Recommend One Friend, get £2.70 per month

  •  Recommend 10 friends, get £27.00 per month

  •  Recommend 100 friends, get £270.00 per month

  •  Recommend 1,000 friends, get £2,700.00 per month

And so it goes on - Oh to be popular…

Don’t forget that with the Lyoness Friendship Bonus, you will not only get paid on what your friends spend every month, but also on the spending power of any of the friends that your friends introduce. As your team outgrows this two layer Friendship Bonus level, and builds even deeper, this is where the determined marketer can start to build up a very generous Home Based Business, with a pre-defined Lyoness Career Progression path to follow.

This is where the Lyoness Starter Kit and the Lyoness Business Lounge come into play, and I will now describe how these two systems operate and will rapidly repay the investment needed. It has been designed to help you pass on the right information easily to family and friends, and even new acquaintances, in as easy and simple manner as possible. It also introduce the ability of each Lyoness Member to upgrade (also for free) to their professional marketing system called Lyconet.

The Lyoness system is brilliant for those of you whose main aim in life is to maximise on their cashbacks and shopping points with every purchase, and occasionally referring the Lyoness CashBack Card to a few of their friends.

The Lyconet system has been designed for shoppers that not only want to maximise their cashbacks and shopping points from all of their purchases, but also to become a proper ‘marketer’ and actively promote the Lyoness system into their own highly profitable home-based business.

1. The Lyoness Starter Kit.(£79)

This kit comes in a smart handy carry case, and contains:-



10 Green ‘Friendship Flyer’ Money Back with every purchase 8 page brochure, complete with a plastic Lyoness CashBack Card.




10 Red ‘Friendship Flyer’ Money Back with every purchase 8 page brochure, complete with a plastic Lyoness CashBack Card




10 Blue ‘Friendship Flyer’ Money Back with every purchase 8 page brochure, complete with a plastic Lyoness CashBack Card.




10 Lyoness SME 6 page instruction flier




The first Lyconet World Magazine




Lyoness Child and Family Foundation magazine.




Lyoness GreenFinity Foundation magazine




3 ‘All About Lyconet’ 20 page A4 presentation booklet




‘Let’s Get Started’ 28 page A4 presentation booklet



Lyoness notepad, lapel pin, and Lyoness Pen

Let’s look at each of these components in turn:

  • The ‘Money Back with Every Purchase’ brochure. As I said earlier, this handy size folded 4-Page hand-out comes in three different colours, contains a lot of useful information, has a plastic Lyoness Discount Card stuck to it, and the last folded page is a tear-off strip for the prospect and the Member to complete (I would recommend you print off a load of sticky labels with your details pre-printed - save a bit of time). Make sure you include your phone number on it on they can contact you easily).

  • The Lyoness ‘Everyone is Entitled to Success’ brochure. This is targeted at small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) thinking of joining Lyoness not as an ordinary Member but as a Lyoness SME. It briefly introduces most of the sales and marketing advantages available
    from Lyoness to help the busy business owner to not only retain existing customers, but to build a bigger list of loyal customers. Getting SME’s included in the Lyoness Loyalty Program is a big part of Lyoness’s future plans. Although any Member can introduce an SME to Lyoness, only qualified Members are allowed to carry out the negotiations needed to ensure the SME gets off to a flying start. However, there are lots of qualified Lyoness Members who can help out here while you go through a training program. The SME will still be signed up under you though.

  • The first Lyconet World Magazine. This contains all sorts of information regarding the Lyoness Company, its aims and target ambitions, opportunities for Members, Career description, new sales tools, events, Lyoness TV, and even more detail on driving your Starter Kit. Real MUST READ for every Member with an ambition to build a First Class Home Business Opportunity with Lyoness.

  • Lyoness Child and Family Foundation magazine. Every Member, whether just a shopper, or an active Lyoness/Lyconet Marketer, should read this. It will make you proud to think that by you saving money on all your usual purchases that you are helping to fund this Foundation.

  • Lyoness GreenFinity Foundation magazine. Once again, every Member, whether just a shopper, or an active Lyoness/Lyconet Marketer, should read this. It will make you proud to think that by you saving money on all your usual purchases that you are helping to fund this Foundation.

  • ‘All About Lyconet’ 20 page A4 presentation booklet. This gives you a great deal of information about actually marketing the Lyoness cashback system ad makes a great presentation tool for your one-to-one coffee meetings.

  • ‘Let’s Get Started’ 28 page A4 presentation booklet. As the title suggests, this is a powerful workbook to get you going, especially on the ’90 Day Challenge’. Also very good presentation material for your one to ones.


2. The Lyconet Business Lounge. (£89).

The Lyconet Business Lounge is your personal back office with lots of useful features for managing your Shopping Network. See your down-line. Be able to see all upcoming events, so you can guide your team members to their nearest events. This also includes the Lyoness Business Academy, where an increasing number of personal training videos will be added. Use these to get fully acquainted with all of the Lyoness and Lyconet features. It includes a Lyconet ‘Lite’ web site doesn’t have any CRM facilities, but does enable you to post a number of ‘Spot’ marketing videos with your signup detail on social media, web sites and in emails.

Buy the starter Kit and the Business Lounge at a discount.
I highly recommend that this is a worthwhile ‘MUST HAVE’ investment. £139 gets them both.

3. Your own Lyconet web site. (Extra £170).

Grab your very own replicated Lyconet Web site with loads of marketing tools such as email marketing, and your own personalised email signature. Have a unique address to send your prospects to, and then use the email system to start your own personalised email follow up series.

Of the three optional purchases, I would strongly recommend that you go for the combined Starter Kit with the Business Lounge. Bought together as a package you will save yourself £29 and be able to hit the road in the shortest possible time.

Geoff Morris has been involved in various internet and multilevel marketing systems for over10 years, and is also an Expert Author in the internet. You can get more information here on this world wide free to join guaranteed cash back and home business opportunity described in this review, which, in his opinion, is the best system he has seen in all of those years. Or you can contact him at





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